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Dental Implants

Is your smile incomplete? VL Dental can help you change that with a popular and versatile dental implant restoration. At our practice, we are committed to lifelong learning. Developing and expanding our dental implant skills through continuing education has allowed us to safely and effectively offer our patients this amazing alternative to traditional tooth replacement.

Since their introduction to dentistry in the 1970s, dental implants have quickly become the preferred alternative to traditional bridges and dentures. Dental implants have a structure that mimics that of a natural tooth. As a result, patients can look forward to results that look and feel much more natural.

Call VL Dental today to reserve your implant consultation. Our office in Richmond, TX is proud to offer full-service implant dentistry to patients from Pecan Grove, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Crabb, Booth, and all nearby communities. We look forward to serving you!

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits of tooth replacement using dental implants, and these advantages are why so many patients and dentists are choosing implant supported tooth replacement over other restoration options. Some of the many benefits of dental implants include:

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Indications for Dental Implants

The dental implant procedure is completed in two phases. In the first phase of treatment, our Richmond, TX dental team will surgically place one or more implant post(s) in your jawbone. Not every dental practice can help patients with the first phase of treatment and need to refer patients to a specialist. At VL Dental, you can have your surgery completed in an office you already feel comfortable in, with a dental team you already know and trust.

The number of implants you receive will depend on the number of teeth we’re replacing. One implant will anchor a single crown while multiple implants will anchor a partial or full denture.  Once your procedure is complete, you’ll have time to recover before seeing us for the next phase. During your recovery, the bone tissue in your jaw will begin to fuse with your metal implant(s), creating a solid and very natural bond that will give you lifelike results when your entire treatment is complete.

In the restoration phase of treatment, our team at VL Dental will attach your new prosthetic. This service is versatile enough to be used by patients who need to replace just a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full arch. In every case, our team will create a customized design that our lab will then use to craft a high-quality prosthetic.

Single Tooth

To replace one lost tooth, a dental implant post will be used to support a custom crafted dental crown.

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Multiple Teeth

To replace several consecutive teeth, an implant supported fixed bridge will be recommended. These bridges are supported by two dentures, one at each end of the restoration. An implant-retained partial denture is used to replace multiple consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth. Partials are molded to fill in the gaps in your smile, and we can usually support them with just two to four implant posts.

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All Teeth

One or both full rows of teeth can be replaced with an implant supported denture. For most patients, dentures are anchored with just four to six strategically positioned dental implants, recreating healthy form and function.

Personalized Care with Modern Technology

Before starting any implant procedure, we'll create a personalized treatment plan using some of our office's most advanced tools. With digital radiography, for instance, we capture clear images of your mouth that will make it easier to plan exactly where your implant(s) will be placed. This level of planning lets us provide our patients with a more comfortable procedure and a quicker recovery.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you're considering dental implants, let Richmond dentist, Dr. Vong, complete a full oral health assessment for you. Dental implants aren't right for every patient. During your visit to our Richmond office, we can assess your health and the strength of your jaw to determine if implants are what you need. If we need to, we can recommend an alternative solution because we are committed to helping our patients achieve their healthiest smiles.

Cost of Dental Implants

Your dental implant supported tooth replacement will vary in price based on a number of factors like how many implant posts are needed, what materials and manufacturers are used, and what type of replacement prosthetic is needed (crown, bridge, partial, or full denture). Other variables that influence the price of implant restorations include the need for preparatory tooth extractions or tissue grafts and the price of abutment posts. We’ll walk you through each step of the treatment process and explain the costs of each before we begin your treatment. Whenever possible, we’ll process and file dental insurance claims to minimize your out of pocket treatment costs. In many cases, we can also help you apply for low or no interest financing options to spread the costs of your dental implant tooth replacement plan out over several months of smaller payments.

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Dental Implant FAQs

frequently asked questions about dental implants in Richmond

Dental implants in Richmond are an excellent solution to permanently replace your missing teeth. You’ll enjoy a variety of benefits that aren’t possible with any other treatment. Although you’re excited to regain the next best thing to your real teeth, we know you still have several questions before you’re ready to commit to them. Don’t worry, we take the time to address your concerns and explain the process during your initial consultation. While you wait for your visit, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear.

Can I get dental implants if I have gum disease?

Although you can avoid gum disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates at least 50% of adults have it. Not to mention, it’s also the leading cause of tooth loss. If you’re missing teeth from the infection, you aren’t a candidate for dental implants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become one.

The long-term success of your smile relies on staying infection-free. As a result, you’ll first need to undergo periodontal therapy. After your gum health has been restored, you can move forward with your placement surgery.

Will I need bone grafting?

Dental implants can stay in place for decades if they have the right foundation. If you’ve had missing teeth for several years or you’ve lost them from gum disease, your jawbone may be compromised. If you have low bone density, you’ll need an additional treatment before you can have your placement procedure.

Bone grafting enhances the thickness of your jaw to ensure it can support your implant posts. Although this adds another step to your treatment plan, it’s time well-spent to ensure your new smile has the groundwork it needs to thrive. We’ll determine if you need bone grafting after reviewing your CT scan.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants require oral surgery; therefore, it’s normal to be concerned about pain, but you have nothing to fear. Sedation or an anesthetic is used to ensure your comfort during your placement surgery, so you won’t feel anything. As you recover, there will be some discomfort, but you can mange it with an over-the-counter pain reliever. After your mouth has healed, your dental implants shouldn’t hurt. If you develop any pain, don’t wait to contact your dentist to find the source of the problem.

Can I use my dental insurance?

It’s rare for a dental insurance company to pay the entire cost of the procedure, but they may cover certain aspects of it. After paying your annual deductible, you can often use your benefits to lower the amount you need to pay until you reach your yearly limit. We will work on your behalf with your insurance company to maximize your policy. If there’s any out-of-pocket costs, we will explain your payment options, like third-party financing with CareCredit. A member of our team will help you find the solutions you need to rebuild your smile with dental implants in Pecan Grove without breaking the bank.