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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth in forcepsThe goal of the dentists and their team at VL Dental is to provide services that help patients keep the teeth they have for their entire lives. However, there are times when removing a tooth is justified in order to preserve the rest of your smile. Wisdom teeth are a perfect example. Whether these teeth have erupted or are impacted beneath gum tissue, they can pose a threat to your other teeth and your overall oral health. That’s why wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond is often recommended.

Why are Wisdom Teeth a Problem?

Thumbs up man in dental chairThere are several reasons for extracting wisdom teeth. First, wisdom teeth can be too large for your jaw. Back in prehistoric times, humans needed these large teeth in order to chew the vegetation, berries, seeds and tough meats that comprised their diets. And their jaws had room for these big teeth.

But now the human jaw is considerably smaller and our diets are easier to digest. Therefore, wisdom teeth have essentially become obsolete and are more trouble than they’re worth.

Sometimes, they put pressure on nearby teeth and that becomes painful. If you or your child has recently has orthodontic treatment, then alignment issues could develop as a result of this pressure.

Additional reasons for wisdom teeth extraction include:

  • The risk of infection, tooth decay and gum disease is greater because wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean
  • Cysts can develop around impacted wisdom teeth, leading to bone damage

How are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

X-ray of wisdom toothAlthough each situation is different, wisdom teeth extractions are usually a routine event and the procedure lasts for less than one hour. First, the dentist in Richmond administers a local anesthetic to number the bone, gum and tooth.

Once you’re ready, each wisdom tooth is surgically exposed. If possible, forceps are used to pull the entire tooth. However, if the tooth is too large or impacted, then the tooth may need to be cut and removed in sections. Finally, stitches are placed over the site and you’re given time to relax and recover.

After the extraction, you’ll be given very detailed instructions to properly care for the wound. In most cases, if the extraction site is kept clean and you follow our recovery instructions, your gums should be healed up without any trouble in just a matter of weeks.

If you experience discomfort, the dentist near me can prescribe a pain reliever or an over-the-counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen will likely suffice.

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